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Games by:
CBC kids
Rock Solid Arcade

Links Kids Games (

Games developed by for their website
The games are of high quality, addictive, and easy to play.

x attack (Space Invaders)
A space invader clone, similar graphics

High Hat
A beautifully animated flash game. it's you against 3 computer players. The first person to lose 3 times is off the table. The last one standing is the winner.

Three on three hockey
Play a face paced 3 on 3 hockey against the computer

BMX Tricks
Do hi speed BMX bike tricks

BMX Park
Do tricks with your bike in the BMX park, the more complex the stunt the more points your get.

Xpansion (Snake)
Move the snake using your arrow keys, eating the 'x's while avoiding the walls and the bombs. How long can you last?


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