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CBC kids
Rock Solid Arcade


Nitrome Games (

They are Flash Game Developers, they developed popular hits for MTV arcade (Magneboy) and Miniclip (Dirk Valentine). All their games have a very polished look, easy to play, fluid animation, and runs like a desktop application
Some of their biggest hits are included below.

Draw walls, bridges and even light fuses from fires to bombs to blast walls, another lemmings like game similar to Small Fry. This time you draw your way out.

Small Fry
A wonderful Lemmings clones. Get your 'small fry' to safety using each of their unique abilities to traverse increasingly more difficult terrains.

Get your robot across a square based puzzle, using his magnetic abilities to float or pull him or objects across empty space.

Dirk Valentine
Shoot a chain to cross chasms or shoot enemys. Plays like a mario and contra game combined.

Tanked Up
Race a tank, 2 laps, aim and shoot other tanks to slow them down or destroy them.

Go Go Ufo
Race a ufo in a time trail or against a friend, great 2 player game.


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