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CBC kids
Rock Solid Arcade


Orisinal Games (

Games developed by Ferry Halim of California.
His games are simple to play, cute with wonderful little music melody's.

Bubble Bees
Capture bees in soap bubbles. Catch clocks to extend time, try to catch a few bees at the same time. This is his most popular game on the site.
Sunny Day
Use your little bear to pop open the umberalla and land on cars to score points, the smaller the car, the more points. This one has one of the best music scores of all his games.
Rabbit & Bells
Bounce your rabbit up, up and away, bouncing from bell to bell. Bouncing off the birds will double your score, game by Ferry Halim
Daily Cup of Tea
Two mice are busy collecting sugar cubes for their daily cup of tea. Click above to make them climb up, click below to make them climb below.
What Comes Around
Get your little badger to jump over the gopers (space bar), to move left or right, move your mouse to the left or right of the character. To drop walnuts on the gopher, left mouse click.
Starry Night
Use your bubble to gently bounce the star, lighting up all the unlit stars. You control the bubble by moving your mouse.
Rope Runner
Move your character about using the mouse, left click to throw out a rope, snagging chickens with the rope buys you time.
Runaway Train
Use your mouse button to move the character, left click to jump, leave the mouse cursor below the character to crouch.
Dog for All Seasons
You have 4 dogs that you control (a dog for each season), space to jump all four dogs, mouse click each individual dog to have them move up the lane.
The Way Home
Use the mouse to control the squirrel, collect all the cherries along the way, left click to make him jump.
Use the mouse to move the girl around to avoid the bugs, left click and hold to jump and scare away the bugs.
Just pull on the steel ball and release. Like colored squares will disappear when hit if they are adjoining one another.
Perilous Voyage
Shoot at falling rocks and flying dragons.
Pocketful of Stars
Have your reflection in the lake jump and catch all the stars it can.


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