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Games by:
CBC kids
Rock Solid Arcade


Puzzle Games

Draw walls, bridges and even light fuses from fires to bombs to blast walls, another lemmings like game similar to Small Fry. This time you draw your way out.

Ragdoll Canon
Fire ragdoll (stick figure) men through blocks, tunnels and obstacles to get them to land on the 'exit'. Drawn in a childlike fashion but a lot of fun to play.

Small Fry
A wonderful Lemmings clones. Get your 'small fry' to safety using each of their unique abilities to traverse increasingly more difficult terrains.

Get your robot across a square based puzzle, using his magnetic abilities to float or pull him or objects across empty space.

Bubble Bees
Capture bees in soap bubbles. Catch clocks to extend time, try to catch a few bees at the same time. This is his most popular game on the site.

A Sunny Day
Use your little bear to pop open the umberalla and land on cars to score points, the smaller the car, the more points. This one has one of the best music scores of all his games.

Xpansion (Snake)
A snake clone. Move the snake using your arrow keys, eating the 'x's while avoiding the walls and the bombs. How long can you last?

Roll your column around the square board, navigating obstacles to drop your column into a square hole, game by Albino Black Sheep

Rabbit & Bells
Bounce your rabbit up, up and away, bouncing from bell to bell. Bouncing off the birds will double your score, game by Ferry Halim

Puzzle Bobble
Shoot bubbles, 3 balls of the same color will pop, and be cleared. Clear the screen of bubbles. Wonderful graphics and puzzles, true to the original

Mine Hunter
A minesweeper clone. Similar to the classic windows game, written in javascript

A very simple teris clone.
Fast paced, easy on the eyes, fun to play

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